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Home Bonding Sample Emails ……

Thanks for your interest in Home Bonding.  Here are 2 sample emails:

Email Wednesday March 25

Hi friends,    Welcome to Wednesday!

Below are your email prompts for today, please drop them into your chat channel as it suits you:   (You can use all or some of the daily prompts, please space them through the work day – depending on your chat channel you may be able to set them all up in the morning to go later).

(First thing) MORNING MEME:
ACTION:  Copy and Paste This Meme:


(Lunch time-ish) FUN ACTIVITY: Question Task:

ACTION: Insert Text:

You can only pick

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I Hate Team Building – Icebreaker Games for Introverts and Sceptics

How to make team building better for introverts, plus loads of great icebreaker ideas

Some people are always up for a bit of fun, whilst others approach “team building exercises” with dread.  They find the forced participation, requirement to “share” or general rowdiness just horrible.
In fact, a recent thread for suggestions for icebreakers included comments like “kill me now”“just don’t do any”, “there’s a special place in hell for people that think these are a good idea” and “I just point blank refuse to do anything like this”.
As a team building professional, these comments are like a

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Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge

The Marshmallow Tower Challenge is a simple team exercise that  is enjoyable but also encourages people to work together to practice problem solving , design thinking, resilience and agility.  It is simple to facilitate, with inexpensive simple materials.

Duration: 20+ minutes (total timing depends on debrief time)  Note the original exercise allows 18 minutes, I have reduced this to 12 minutes.

Create subgroups of 4-6 people

This exercise is a great way to encourage team members to collaborate, problem solve and to model design thinking such as testing and iterating. This activity also encourages critical thinking by asking

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Event spotlight laugh a minute team building and team bonding events in Sydney

Event Spotlight: Laugh A Minute

What is our Laugh A Minute team bonding event about?

It is a team bonding event with a difference – compete in a bunch of short and sweet fun games that are ripe for enthusiastic audience participation. Laugh a Minute was designed so you and your teammates provide the entertainment for each other. Do not fear, the fun challenges mean your team members will be laughing with you, not at you.

Our bestselling indoor team bonding event is great value for money and has teams raving about the fun they had. 

What is the Laugh A Minute team

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The Radical Culture Change Sweeping Footy

The culture has radically changed in many of of Australia’s leading football clubs.  Since the start of time Australian males have absorbed the tired mantra to “harden up”.  Well those looking for a true performance edge have found massive success with a new approach, which could be described as “soften up”.    It all started with AFL’s most famously inconsistent team,  the Richmond Tigers ……………..

“Richmond Tigers coach gives up on finals after loss to Port Adelaide”.

This was the print headline of The Age on July 2nd, 2016. Coach Damien

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Sydney Christmas Party

Laughter is the best gift

First published in Sun Herald newspaper October 30, 2016

Companies reap benefits from events that allow employees to have a happy time together as the working year ends.

One of the best Christmas presents bosses can give staff this festive season is an experience filled with laughter.

Companies have long understood the benefits of allowing employees to work together in a different way: Using fun out-of-office activities that require them to brainstorm and co-operate to solve problems and overcome challenges, friendships and unexpected talents emerge.

Team bonding events make the perfect Christmas party

Christmas is a natural time for

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Indoor Team Building Ideas

Winter is coming, indoor team building to inspire and engage

You know who you are! We are talking to the warm blooded people with small fan heaters under their desks right now compromising OH&S regulations. The folks who leave their gloves on to type and those sun deprived souls who wear jumpers from February to October.

You better believe you feel the cold! And we hear you.

So how do you keep everyone motivated and energy levels high as the chills set in?

A team that works well together is more productive and successful, but finding the right team building exercises to suit your organisation (especially in winter) can often be a

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best of outdoors team building sydney

Event Spotlight: Best of Outdoors

What is the Best of Outdoors Event?

It is a fun outdoor event which combines the highlights from 3 other activities:

  • Mini Olympics: we have picked our 6 most popular activities from running mats to the pony hop relay and the amoeba race. You will never laugh so hard again.
  • Paparazzi: a photography based scavenger hunt utilising visual skills, creativity and time management.
  • Fun and Games: comprised of a full group game and then competitive team games.

The Best of Outdoors Event is perfect for: 

  • Outdoors during daytime hours
  • We can accommodate groups of 15 to

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Encouraging and embracing dissent in collaborative cultures with Team Bonding Sydney

Encouraging and Embracing Dissent in Collaborative Cultures

Let’s just get something straight. All organisations make mistakes.

With so many workplaces and organisations encouraging collaborative cultures and leadership models emphasising creating cohesion and reducing conflict – are companies in danger of overlooking the value of dissent in an effective organisation?

Important factors about collaborative cultures

Author, Michael Roberto believes so. Too often, he suggests, leaders don’t hear bad news until it’s too late, eventually becoming so isolated that even high-risk or illegal actions go unquestioned.

This theory was confirmed recently with the Commonwealth Bank coming under fire from APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) into the bank’s governance, culture

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