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The Best Team Building Activities in Sydney Right Now

Team building activities and bonding sessions help to bring people together by encouraging exceptional teamwork and collaboration. In Sydney, the focus on investing in the right team-building exercises has grown stronger, as companies across Australia begin to recognise the importance of retaining the right talent with the best company culture.

Fun and interesting building activities can help your co-workers and staff to see each other in a different light so that they can connect and interact in settings that aren’t focused entirely on profit. The right exercises can develop trust, and create an environment that’s more conducive to

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7 Awesome Team Christmas Party Ideas

Are you choosing a Christmas party for your team in Sydney?
Australia’s team Christmas party experts have compiled a list of the best Christmas Party suggestions for you.

Like any of these? 
One short phone call to 9949 2989 and we’ll get your Christmas party sorted so you can get on with your work, knowing your party is 100% sorted (and will be brilliant).

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Icebreaker games for large groups seated theatre style

Icebreaker games for large groups seated theatre style are possibly the most difficult team building briefs of all, because of the constraints of the room and the space, plus the fact that most of our activities involve competition between groups.

A friend asked me for help with this “impossible” brief, so it seemed a good idea to create a blog post to share the ideas!

The games come from improvisation and other sources. I’ve chosen games that are simple to execute and brief, and where people don’t need a lot of space to move around.

Introduction Game: Simple instructions. In 60 seconds

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10 Team Building Tips for Managers

Positive office dynamics add great strength to a business, while strained ones create strife. As a manager, you simply can’t afford to leave such an important aspect of the company to chance.

There are many ways for managers to bring a team together and foster its ability to work together as a whole. These 10 tips can help unite even the most disparate group of people.

1. Communicate goals clearly.

Employees look to management for basic company goals. When those goals are not clear, disagreements will erupt as employees try to define goals themselves. By clearly laying out goals, everyone begins in

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Bring Out the Best in Diverse Teams

high-performing-diverse-teamDid you know that diverse teams often get better results than non-diverse teams?  Apple certainly think so

As Apple have noted, great ideas can come from anywhere.  In fact more great ideas might emerge from challenge than privilege. Here are just a few the benefits from fostering diversity of gender, age, physicality and racial or cultural background in your teams.

Innovation: If you want to be capable of innovating, diversity is a huge advantage. Diversity enhances creativity because different cultural starting points assist in the search for a fresh perspective or insight.

Problem Solving:  

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Christmas Party Planning Tips From a Top Event Manager

christmas infographic pinterest

Is it your role to organise your team’s Christmas party?

Are you and your team geared up for a great Christmas this year?  This will be my 8th Christmas season with Team Bonding – we will cross over 500 Christmas parties this year.

Here are my tips for planning a fun and memorable Christmas Party.

1.  What Don’t You Want?  Every year event organisers call and say “Christmas was awful last year, we got stuck at a long table and nobody mingled or it was really expensive or people got drunk” (it

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The Amazing Race And The Goldilocks Principle

One of the biggest complaints about the concept of team bonding exercises today is that they are often organised over a number of hours or are held in hard to get to areas.

For busy working professionals this can be off-putting: not only will your whole day be taken up by such an exercise but it might involve travelling to remote areas when you really just need to be close to the office.

With this in mind, Team Bonding has thoughtfully designed its Amazing Race event to be the ultimate “goldilocks” team bonding concept – it’s not too long and not

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The Long Term Value of Team Building

When was the last time you considered the long term value of team building?

Do you view team building as a vital part of fostering employee motivation leading to an increase in productivity?

Managers in an organisation understand that to be successful their employees must work well together in teams, with good communication, problem-solving skills, motivation and minimal stress. With this in mind, you’d think that improving and building successful teams would be number 1 on their priority list.

However, the issue is that the benefits of team building activities can sometimes be intangible or even ambiguous. On the one hand, the team

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Building Strong Teams Through Competition

team building through competition

What’s the difference between an effective team building exercise and a fun day out with work colleagues? At Team Bonding we believe that the difference is the type of activity undertaken as well as the amount of thought and planning that should go into such an event. Any team building event should have a clear purpose and goals in mind. That being said, there’s no reason why “team building” and “fun” should be mutually exclusive: the activities that are well-planned and where everyone gets involved often turn

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End The Year On A Positive Note With A Team Christmas Party

The third quarter of the year is winding down to a close, but your business has managed to meet the goals it has set at the onset of the year. Perhaps your team has exceeded its sales quota. Maybe your business has acquired several qualified leads. All of these would not be possible without the hard work, dedication and even the tenacity of each individual team member. Your business may not be considered a big contender in your industry — not yet. But things are certainly looking up.

Certainly, the contributions of your personnel should not go unnoticed. Without them,

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