Amazing Property Race


Brilliant for Bonding, Plenty of Laughs, Outdoors

Minimum 2 hours but can be customised (depending on group size)

Medium level


Race around the city with the Amazing Property Race! 

What is Amazing Property Race?

Amazing Property Race is a board game on steroids!  Each property on the game board is a real location around your city. Your team will need to strategise to plan your route and property targets and then reach the location before the other teams. Want to buy the Opera House – just reach it first!   

Perfect for:

It is a thinking team’s game. Teams will spend an equal amount of time strategising, planning the most efficient route between properties, and racing.   

What to expect:

Starting at a central location, your team will view the “properties” for sale on a metre square game board and receive a pack and instructions. They will then be given a time limit before the Go!   

Beware – if your team is not the first to reach a property, you will need to pay rent to the owner. Own a whole set? Time to buy some houses!   

Pop up Challenges and locations are also in play along the way to pick up extra money for your team! 

And the best bit? Finding the perfect spot for relaxing banter and comparing experiences after your race!  All our events are customisable! We have partnered with a number of local venues surrounding all our courses and will happily help you plan your event and book your finish point.