Team Survivor



Outdoor, Fun, Active




2-3 hours


Medium (can be adjusted accordingly)

Team Survivor – Outplay, Outwit, Outlast!  

What is Team Survivor:

Team Survivor is a challenge based, fully hosted team competition – complete with a tribal council! Does your tribe have what it takes to outlast this Beach Survivor? Our Survivor event is full of all the typical survivor things that you would expect including hidden immunity idols, reward challenges, immunity challenges. 

Perfect for:

Teams who enjoy a bit of physical & logical competition. 

What to expect:  

This event takes place on any beach or park (permits may be required through council). Your group is initially split into 2 opposing tribes. The tribes will compete in a range of fun, strategic team building games to avoid going to tribal council.  

Beach Survivor is a complex game, and its winners have employed a wide variety of tactics to ensure their victories. The beautiful thing about Survivor is that there is no “right” way to play the game. Some people excel at physical challenges, others at strategy, others at socialising, and others at things like jury management and simply staying out of the way. We will work with you to create the perfect survivor game for your team!

We understand that every team is unique, which is why we tailor the Survivor experience to suit your specific preferences and team dynamics. Whether you’re navigating intricate challenges, forming alliances, or showcasing your team’s versatility, Team Survivor promises an adventure like no other.

In a world where collaboration, strategy, and adaptability are paramount, Team Survivor goes beyond entertainment; it becomes a mirror reflecting the dynamics of teamwork and leadership. Unleash your tribe’s potential, face challenges head-on, and emerge as true survivors in the world of teamwork.