My Cooking Rules


My Cooking Rules

Discover your inner gourmet chef!

What is My Cooking Rules?

This is interactive and creative group activity is available in two Sydney locations! Tap into your inner chef and learn how to make some amazing dishes with our My Cooking Rules team building event.

Perfect for:

This event is perfect if you and your team want to polish up your cooking skills, and do something a little bit different. The event finished up by socialising over a delicious meal cooked by YOU!

What to expect:

Your group will watch a demonstration by a professional chef, then be split into smaller teams to work together to replicate the dishes they have been shown (with guidance of course). We can also provide judging of “best dish” to have a bit of good competition between the teams.

The Delicious Grand Finale:

As the tantalizing aroma of your collective culinary efforts fills the air, it’s time for the delicious grand finale. Gather around the table with your fellow chefs, as you savor the mouthwatering meal that you’ve collectively prepared. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the experience, the laughter, and the shared memories that make this event truly special.


With My Cooking Rules, your team-building journey takes a flavorful twist, blending culinary creativity, teamwork, and a touch of competition. It’s an event that goes beyond the realm of ordinary team-building activities, offering a platform for growth, bonding, and a delectable culinary adventure. So, whether you’re a passionate cook or a curious novice, it’s time to embrace your inner gourmet chef and uncover the delicious potential that awaits.