LEGO Legends – We have turned child’s play in a fun and collaborative team activity

What is it:

LEGO Legends is a unique team building activity that challenges small to large groups in design thinking, problem solving, iterative learning, planning and rapid execution. Loosely based on the hit TV show “LEGO® Masters“, this unique team bonding event lets teams explore their creative side & inner child at the same time.

This event certainly brings the “build” to team building!

Will suit you if:

You are looking for a fun and engaging indoor event of around 1.5-2 hours

You want challenges that require design thinking and agile teamwork.

Includes a series of fun LEGO® based creative games. However, doesn’t require amazing design or technical brick building skills!

What to expect:

We run this event indoors and supply all the LEGO® required. We are also happy to incorporate a theme for the day if you like.

Teams are seated at tables in groups.  Room requirements are quite simple, so we can either come to your office or organise a suitable local venue for you. You can run right through or take a break between activities.

The activity kicks off with some carefully crafted warm up tasks to get the creative juices flowing and recover the LEGO® muscle you had as a child.

One is a creative task amplifying design thinking, collaboration and delegation.

* As an example the team needs to design and build a bridge that could withstand a billiard ball being rolled across it. A significant and unexpected obstacle is thrown at the teams that they need to overcome in order to complete the task.

This LEGO Legends event is quite fun & engaging & will have your team laughing.

“LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this activity”.  The trademark is used here under Fair Play legislation.

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Event Type

Brilliant for Bonding, Very Creative, Indoors

Group Size

15 – 50+

Time Needed

1.5 – 2 hours

Activity Level

Low Level

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