Virtual Amazing Race

Virtual Amazing Race


Plenty of Laughs, Online


10 – 100+


1.5 – 2 hours


Low level

All the challenges and fun from our signature event, without all the running around!

What is Virtual Amazing Race?

Gather your friends, family or colleagues and challenge each other for a race around the world, in our popular Virtual Amazing Race. This version of the race takes place completely online but still involves some of the favourite face-to-face Amazing Race challenges and tasks.

Perfect for:

Virtual events are just as inclusive, fun, and fast moving as our in-person events. They are perfect for engaging remote and virtual teams, spicing up routine online meetings, or even for creating custom private events.

What to expect:

The event is fully hosted by our facilitators. Your group will be split into teams and will complete a range of challenges/tasks to obtain a passcode for your next destination. Just beware – you may discover a roadblock depending on your selection of destination. The first team to complete a full lap of the world will be crowned the winners!

Our Virtual Events are customisable, so we can cater to your group’s specific needs. Contact us to get started!