Charity Events

Team building events with added meaning!

What are Charity Events:

Charity Events allow your group to give back to the community through supporting a local charity. If you’re stuck for fundraising ideas for your chosen charity, Team Bonding can help create a memorable experience for your participants while helping you reach the much-needed fundraising targets.

Perfect for:

Designed as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, teams will be challenged yet rewarded as they compete to support the community. Charity events foster communication, collaboration, and a sense of altruism as your group works together to assist others in need.

What to expect:

Team Bonding will work with you to customise your charity event if required, source venues, and prizes and finalise any other logistics.

We can customise events such as Charity Auctions, Amazing Races, Trivia nights, Game Shows and Casino Night. We can also work alongside you to come up with a completely customised event of your choosing. If you prefer to support a current charity, here are some that Team Bonding is currently working with:

Ardoch Children’s Education Charity:

A charity that focuses on improving educational outcomes for disadvantaged children and youth.

Build a Bike

A program that provides bicycles to disadvantaged children.

The Freedom Hub

An organisation that works to end modern slavery in Australia.

If you would like to make your next charity event something to remember, be sure to Contact us. Together we can make a difference for families and communities in need.