Sydney Jetboating - Thunder Boats


Outdoor, Adventure

10 – 20

Multiple Days

Medium Level

Experience thrilling speeds and breath-taking 360-degree spins in the Sydney Jet Boats.  

What is Sydney Jetboating?

If you think taking a ferry is a slow-paced way to experience Sydney Harbour. Then satisfy your thrill-seeking side with an adrenaline-charged Syndey Jetboat Race ride instead. Furthermore Leaving from Circular Quay, take your team or clients on an adventure ride.

Perfect for:

This is a great activity to include either as part of your Amazing Race or at the end or as a stand-alone activity. The Detour! Jetboat experience is operated by Sydney Thunder Jet Boats and can be added as a Detour or an extra on most Sydney events. 

A feature of our Amazing Races are the detours which we can include. These are added experiences that you opt into before the event to enhance your team’s enjoyment of the day. These detours are written into the events as an extra stage or checkpoint. Moreover a detour is a great way to bring some extra strategy into an event. We recon the Detour! is the most exciting of our detours… 

What to expect:

Expect to get a little bit wet!! The Syndey Jetboat Race adventure will throw you around and also get the heart racing and soak you, so bear this in mind when planning for your team! Afterward your ride, enjoy all that Sydney to has to offer by participating in an Amazing Race or by exploring the many restaurants and bars nearby!