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Simple and fun, this team building activity is like trivia on steroids, where gamesmanship and creativity is required. Great team games are hard to find we have tested and gathered the best into a simple, highly engaging event.

What is it:

“Game Show” is exactly how the name suggests, except bigger! We have taken the best bits from all your favourite Game Shows & adapted them into the ultimate indoor team building experience.

The games are designed to get teams working together without anyone feeling pressured to perform. Each game is scored and added together so there is a winning team at the end.

Will suit you if:

This event suits large and small groups, who want a casual, no fuss activity that is flexible and can fit in easily with other requirements. We can easily work around a dinner function if needed.

What to expect:

The event has an upbeat vibe, but is still informal and casual.

Most of our games are based on popular TV game shows, with a few of our own inventions through in there too…. some of the games include;

  • Invention Test:  Build an Eiffel Tower out of straws & materials
  • Food Relay:  People to eat snacks fast and furiously, in a relay format
  • Action Stations: Teams must stage pinnacle moments of high drama or sporting glory
  • Family Feud: Based on the TV show – we use a similar formula within your team to guess the most popular answers to questions
  • Scavenger hunt:  Teams need to fish around what they have on hand (on their person, in handbags or wallets) to put forward specific items
  • Bricktionary: This is where teams tap into their creative sides & build things with LEGO
  • Minute to Win It: We have a variety of fast paced challenges that the teams compete it in fun “minute to win it” style
  • Shark Tank: Teams have to create a 60 second marketing pitch for some of the worst inventions of all time.
  • Photo Shoot: We challenge teams with a list of photo scenes to compose and take, and all teams genuinely love this activity
  • Have you been paying attention?: This is a trivia style game where we ask a number of general questions for the teams to answer
  • Lost at Sea / Lost in Space:   A problem solving activity where the team has to rank the usefulness of random items when they encounter a disaster
  • Caption Challenge: Add captions to absolutely ridiculous stock photos


We can easily come to your office / conference centre with all the equipment, alternatively we can organise a suitable local venue that will suit your group size.

Event Type

Plenty of Laughs, Indoors

Group Size

15 – 200+

Time Needed

Can be customised to suit

Activity Level

Low level