Game Show



Plenty of Laughs, Indoors




Can be customized to suit



Game Show is the perfect curation of A-list team games to form a flexible, low-fuss, highly engaging event.  

What is Game Show:

“Game Show” is exactly what the name suggests… except bigger! We have compiled the best bits from all your favourite game shows, merging them into the ultimate indoor team building experience.  

Each game is designed to facilitate teamwork & communication without pressuring individual team members. The scores from each game are added and averaged to determine the overall winning team! 

We can easily come to your office/venue with all the equipment. Alternatively, we can organise a suitable local venue to accommodate your group size.  

Perfect for:  

This event is perfect for small to large groups who are wanting a casual, fun, no-fuss activity. Due to the flexibility of this event, we can easily work around your requirements!  

What to expect: 

Game Show is upbeat and engaging but is still casual. Most of our games are based on popular TV game shows, but there are some of our own Team Bonding inventions in the mix too! Some of the games include:  

Invention Test:  Teams use random items and materials to create a new product – it’s inventive up-cycling!  

The Price is Right: ‘Come on down…’ Do you know what the right price is? 

Family Feud: This game is based on the TV show – your team will need to guess the popular answers to the questions.  

MasterChef Challenge:  Does your team have the nose for the job? 

Bricktionary: Tap into your creative (and competitive) side and build things with LEGO.  

Minute to Win It: This game includes a variety of fast-paced challenges. Teams compete in a fun ‘minute to win it’ style.  

Shark Tank: Teams must create a 60 second marketing pitch for some of the worst inventions of all time. 

Have You Been Paying Attention? This is a trivia-style game. Teams answer a variety of general knowledge questions.  

Lost at Sea/Lost in Space: A problem-solving activity in which teams rank the usefulness of random items in the event of a disaster.  

Building Challenge: Who can build the tallest tower? Wait! There’s always a twist…