Watercolour and Trivia

Watercolour and Trivia


Plenty of Laughs, Indoors




Can be customized to suit



An event were creativity and competition meet!

What is Watercolour and Trivia?

This event is a unique hybrid of artistic therapy and just a little bit of friendly competition.

Perfect for: This event is perfect for groups looking for a relaxed indoor event, with a hint of competition. Painting is cathartic, but in true Team Bonding style we’ve added a twist in the form of some fun challenges. Group art therapy is perfect for reducing stress and connecting with others.

What to expect: Your group will be split into teams and each team member will then create their own watercolour painting. Don’t worry if you’re new to painting! Each event includes a brief art class with handy hints to help you get started. There will be a theme for the day to inspire your group, and themes can be tailored to suit your group’s goals and values. All materials will be provided, but there’s a catch, your team will need to complete challenges to obtain more materials to use for your artworks! Enjoy valuable time together as you share your masterpiece with your group.