Hyper Karting Moore Park



Outdoor, Fun, Active




2-3 hours


Medium (can be adjusted accordingly)

Looking for an adrenalin-charged, heart-pumping activity for you and your team? Look no further than Hyper Karting at Moore Park!  

What is Hyper Karting?

Remember Go-karting as a kid? Well, you need to try Hyper Karting! Hyper Karts are fast electric Go-Karts, faster than most petrol go karts and imported from Germany.  

Perfect for:

This event is a perfect low-fuss activity for groups looking for an action-packed, competitive event. Pair with a post-race social at one of the many local bars and restaurants in the area!  

What to expect:  

You’ll zoom around the track (which is the longest indoor go-kart track in Australia, by the way!) in a state-of-the-art Kart with an F1-style steering wheel screen to keep track of your lap times. You can choose how many races you want to do! All our events are customisable, Team Bonding can organise the details for you, including organising post-race venues!  

 This high-intensity experience promises to be both enjoyable and exciting. The competitive atmosphere is certain to make the occasion truly memorable. 

Furthermore, the customizability of Hyper Karting events ensures that your team’s preferences and needs are met. You have the flexibility to decide the number of races and tailor the event to suit your group dynamics. Team Bonding, the organizing team behind Hyper Karting, takes care of all the logistical details, allowing you to focus on the excitement and enjoyment.

As your team speeds through the track, the shared experience of conquering challenges and pushing limits strengthens the team’s bond. The adrenaline rush combined with the friendly competition cultivates a sense of unity and accomplishment that extends beyond the racing track.

In conclusion, Hyper Karting at Moore Park offers more than just a thrilling ride. It delivers an immersive team-building experience that embraces speed, strategy, and celebration. If you’re seeking an exceptional way to unite your team and create lasting memories, Hyper Karting is the answer. Get ready to accelerate into a world of fun, competition, and team spirit!