Cocktail Classes

Virtual Cocktail Classes – are you ready to make, shake, sip & dance?


Our world class, fun and interactive cocktail experience with music, cocktail trivia and expert mixology.

Make, Shake, Sip and Dance.

Join in the fun like the 1000’s of guests we have entertained over the past year.Voted by AMEX International in top 10 Virtual experiences worldwide and only one in Australia.

We can make the classes as interactive as you would like. The attendees team don’t just attend and listen to cocktail bartenders make cocktails. However, you can also just sit back and relax and have some fun.

We will send you a list of cocktails to choose from, depending on your teams taste.


There are a few different packages to choose from….you can either choose to participate in the class only, meaning you supply all the cocktail making equipment & alcohol. Alternatively, we can supply individual packs with the required equipment & alcohol for your chosen cocktails.

What you will get in your cocktail kit; (if chosen)

High quality 8-Piece Professional Cocktail Kit including;

2 x spirit pourers, hawthorn strainer and a conical strainer, Boston shaker mixing tin & shaker, muddler, double jigger.

Full ingredient cocktail box including cocktail kit includes;

Our full package option includes all the alcohol as mini spirits, mixers, juices and ingredients to make each cocktail (or mocktail) beautifully presented and shipped direct to each attendee’s door along with the cocktail kit above.
What you will need if you choose a class only and no kit or ingredients;

Choose from our spirit-based cocktails lists to make the shopping list as easy as possible for your guests, in fact everything will be available from your local supermarket!

Once the cocktails are chosen, we will email you a simple and straight forward check list of the ingredients so each guest can purchase well in advance for the event.

Event Type

Plenty of Laughs, Online

Group Size

10 – 100+

Time Needed

1 – 2 hours

Activity Level

Low level