Murder Mystery
Team Events

The Most Intriguing and Memorable of All Our Activities, the Murder Mystery Will Take Your Breath Away

What is it:

With no dressing up or acting required, Murder Mystery is an experience your team will never forget.

Do you fancy yourself as a modern day Sherlock Holmes? Addicted to TV’s C.S.I and think you’ve got what it takes to solve a murder, carried out right under your nose? This is no board game or box set. With a clever plot and professional actors, you will witness a murder, work as a team to observe the motives, follow the clues and mingle with the suspects. Your small group will do your sleuthing and accuse the killer.

Bought to you by Team Bonding & Cloak & Dagger.

Will suit you if:

Though not a deal breaker, the Murder Mystery seems to work best with a meal (casual sit down or stand up) and facilitates great team interaction.

It’s perfect for new teams who want to get to know each other better or an established group who’d like to try something fun and different.

What to expect:

We have a range of engaging scenarios that can be adapted to suit any group. Initially your people are kept in the dark about the Murder Mystery as we use a ruse to get people to the event. This allows a fresh reaction to the shocks that unfold, and creates some priceless reactions in the early stages.

Our cast of 5 – 6 professional ingratiate themselves into the group and drive the action, creating a theatre like experience. They involve some of you directly in the unfolding situation that becomes a quite crazy before they are let in on the secret.

The set up scenario will be chosen to suit your team after a brief consultation. Previous Murder Mysteries have drawn absolutely rave reviews from participants, particularly those that were fooled. To add the team element we group people randomly into a group of 4 to put their heads together to crack the clues.

Event Type

Exciting, Immersive, Indoors

Group Size

25 – 250+

Time Needed

Ideally 2 hours but can be up to entire weekend

Activity Level

Low level

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