Online Trivia
For Remote Teams

Bring your team together for our fully-hosted online trivia.


We present the games on slides over Zoom, which allows us to speak to the whole group and for the sub teams to collaborate in break out rooms.  There are quite a few games that will get people out of their seats, and most are to be completed with a time limit.  Lots of giggles and plenty of team connection is pretty much guaranteed.

Take your pick of General Trivia, Movies, Music or make it industry specific for your group! Need some questions about bread, finance or elevators?  We can insert those too! These quizzes are highly interactive and allow your teams to confer in private breakout rooms before giving their answers.  There is even a “Strange” Round where each question has to be discussed and laughed about because your teams won’t believe the answers!


Trivia presented on interactive slides with lots of question styles.  Includes plenty of music and collaboration and some fun games played with the whole group.

We were initially reluctant to move to Zoom.  We weren’t sure we could recreate the level of connection that makes our in person Team Bonding so famous.  Our test events show that virtual Team Bonding events for remote teams are just as inclusive, fun and fast moving as our in person events.  Expect your team to be highly engaged by this style of trivia, and have a few laughs along the way.

Event Type

Plenty of Laughs, Online

Group Size

8 – 50

Time Needed

Around 75 minutes

Activity Level

Low level