Paint & Sip



Plenty of Laughs, Indoor or Outdoor




2 hours


Low level

Paint and Sip is the perfect way to relax and release your inner artist!  

What is Paint & Sip? 

Why not create a masterpiece whilst enjoying a wine or two? Grab together your colleagues and friends and enjoy a session of relaxing, creating, and socialising. This is a no-fuss, charming event that requires minimal organising on your end! 

Perfect for:  

This event is perfect for groups of friends and/or workmates that want to deepen their connection, . Your group will share some laughs and escape any worries whilst in the creative flow! This class is suitable for everyone.  Absolute beginners are welcome, and no previous artistic skills are required. 

 What to expect:  

Moreover, Ffor this private painting class our artist will guide you step by step – and sip by sip – through learning how to paint your artwork whilst playing some upbeat music in between steps.   

Also, choose a masterpiece from the range for your group to create. With many convenient locations in Australia. Although, We are sure to find a suitable location to suit your team, or can come to your office, or venue space. By the end, even all you ‘non-creatives’ will be taking home your very own Picasso! 

Love the idea but don’t want to be stuck inside?  Why not choose to have your Paint & Sip session outdoors! Moreover, We will bring the easels, paints & canvases so you can be inspired anywhere you desire.

Our events are flexible, and we are happy to work to accommodate your needs. We also have a virtual paint & sip option for online events!