Blue Tongue Harmonica



Outdoor, Fun, Active




2-3 hours


Medium (can be adjusted accordingly)

Take your team on a musical journey!

What is Blue Tongue Harmonica? 

Blue tongue Harmonica creates a safe and creative space for everyone to express themselves through rhythm and music. Your group will be united through music, learning how to play a harmonica in a guided session 

Perfect for:  

Harmonia jam sessions are a perfect event for groups looking for a non-competitive event. These events are designed to promote collaboration and encourage creativity, making them a unique and engaging approach to team building. It’s an unforgettable experience that fosters positive interpersonal relationships. 

What to expect:

These events are guided musical sessions with an experienced musician. Each participant will get their own harmonica to use and to keep as a memento! There are four different events to choose from, which are outlined below:  

Harmonica Blues Jam Experience:

This is a rhythmic adventure, encouraging participates to tap into their innate musical abilities! It’s a lot of fun and the results are quite astounding! 

The Blues musical train experience:

Building on the musical experience, this event takes things to the next level. Your team will split to form percussion, harmonica, vocal groups and each group will receive guided instruction. Then, watch as the three groups unite to create a cohesive musical ensemble! 

Harmonica Jam:

Looking for a virtual musical option? How about opt for an online jam session! Your team will participate in a guided jam session – you’ll feel connected even though it’s all online! 

Harmonica for Health:

You’ve heard of yoga and exercise classes for improving your lung capacity, but have you heard of Harmonica Therapy?! This therapy focuses on improving lung health and capacity through breathing exercises, with the additional benefit of music!