Team Trivia

Team 4

Brilliant for Bonding, Plenty of Laughs, Indoors

10 – 200+

We took ordinary trivia, pumped it up and made it exciting. Try our super interactive Team Trivia event!  

What is Team Trivia? 

Team Trivia is a great opportunity to get teams together, giving your group the chance to show off their knowledge and enjoy a healthy dose of friendly competition.  

We can customise your event, incorporating specific questions and/or categories that are relevant to your group. It is guaranteed to liven up any event, whether it’s corporate groups, Charity Events, or even private parties! 

Perfect for: 

This event is perfect for small to large groups who are wanting an exciting, customisable, indoor, team building activity.  

What to expect:  

It is a competitive event. Your group will split into teams to answer a broad range of questions. Topics include current affairs, pop culture, entertainment, history, sport, science, and general knowledge.  

Our event also features some additional interactive activities and lots of music, taking our event above and beyond the typical ‘pub trivia’.  

Team Bonding events are casual, fun, and fast moving, so expect your team to have a great time with plenty of laughs!  

Team Trivia can be held in a venue of your choice, being run from a laptop and projector. We are also happy to help arrange a local venue in your desired area!  

The Versatile Venue:

Whether you have a specific venue in mind or need guidance in finding the perfect spot, Team Trivia can seamlessly accommodate your preferences. The event can be organized using a laptop and projector in the location of your choice. Alternatively, if you’re looking for assistance in securing a local venue that suits your desired atmosphere, we’re more than happy to help arrange it.

As you consider ways to bring your team closer, enhance collaboration, and create unforgettable memories, Team Trivia offers an innovative and entertaining solution. With its customization options, interactive elements, and lively atmosphere, Team Trivia takes trivia nights to new heights, making them an experience to remember for your group.

So, are you ready to ignite the competitive spirit and have a blast with Team Trivia? Get in touch with us today to craft an event that’s tailored to your team’s preferences.