We Took Ordinary Trivia, Pumped it Up and Made it Fun. Try Our Super Interactive,Team Inclusive, Trivia

What is it:

It is a great opportunity for teams to get together to test their general knowledge with some healthy competition and a big dose of fun.

Will suit you if:

You want something simple and self explanatory.

You want a seated indoor event that is not too raucous.

What to expect:

Your group works in teams of around 6 to answer a broad range of questions; ranging across current affairs, pop culture, entertainment, history, sport, science and general knowledge.

We also include a couple of great interactive activities and lots of music which takes our event way beyond the typical “pub trivia”.

We also add some questions relevant to your company, area or category. Team Bonding events are casual, fun and fast moving, so expect your team to have a great time with our version of trivia.

We can come to a venue of your choice in the Sydney Metropolitan area and run this event from a laptop and projector (so it is as simple as a room with table seating and a screen).

Event Type

Brilliant for Bonding, Plenty of Laughs, Indoors

Group Size

12 – 85

Time Needed

2 hours

Activity Level

Low level