Wonder Mama – Drink and Draw with a Drag Queen

Wonder Mama – Drink and Draw with a Drag Queen


Brilliant for Bonding, Thinking outside the box, Indoor & Outdoor

12 – 200+

What is it?

Why not add a touch of sparkle to your workplace with Wonder Mama, the fabulous drag queen who brings glamour to your events? Gather your colleagues and friends for a session of creativity and socialising. This charming event requires minimal organising on your end—just sit back, sip some wine, and let Wonder Mama and Team Bonding do the rest.

Perfect for:

Wonder Mama is perfect for groups looking to add a touch of va va voom to their events. From hens’ parties to corporate gatherings, Wonder Mama caters to every group and customises experiences to suit your needs.

What to expect:

Offering a variety of options, including art workshops such as “Drawing Your Inner Drag Queen” and creative activities such as jigsaw puzzle artwork. Wonder Mama also hosts a walking tour of Oxford Street in Sydney and hosts events that include engaging team-building exercises. Whether at your venue or hers in the City or Inner West, Wonder Mama ensures a memorable experience for all.