Virtual Murder Mystery

Virtual Murder Mystery


Virtual, Exciting, Immersive, unique


4 – 40 But can be tailored for more


Approx 1.5 – 2hours


Low Level

Be immersed in an exciting who-dunnit plot!

What is Virtual Murder Mystery?

A fully hosted online event, the Virtual Murder mystery comes complete with a gripping who-dunnit story where an unsuspecting victim meets a gruesome end. Will the murderer get away with it, or are there expert detectives hidden amongst guests?

So, no more worrying about everyone having fun or whether someone will get left out. Our expertly run Virtual Murder Mystery games are exactly what you need to include everyone and have a great online party.

Perfect for:

Virtual Murder Mystery parties encourage teamwork, deduction, analysis and listening, and a whole lot of fun!  Virtual events are just as inclusive, fun, and fast moving as our in-person events. They are perfect for engaging remote and virtual teams, spicing up routine online meetings, or even for creating custom private events.

What to expect:

Depending on the host, theme, number of participants and game style, each mystery will have its own requirements and set up prior to the event. Each game will have its own storyline, interactive games, dramatic events, utilising breakout rooms, clue recovery, sleuthing, trading, discussion and finally accusations of MURDER.

Prior to the Event you will receive:

  • Character or team allocations and instructions on how to cast
  • An invitation on the when and how to join the Murder Mystery Event.
  • A special email for the Victim!

Our Virtual Events are customisable, so we can cater to your group’s specific needs. Contact us to get started!