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A small dinner party in a sleepy suburban home, five guests, plenty of wine, good conversation! What could possibly go wrong?

Yet when morning comes around a body is discovered in the house!

You must now solve the crime by examining the crime scene, interviewing the suspects and piecing together the evidence.

Fully Hosted Online • Live actors • Team collaboration • 4 – 40 participants • Completely unique

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Using 3D mapping photography and technology, live actors, interactive clues and puzzles, a team “Crime Dossier” allowing your team to confidentially share information and theories, this event is as close to a professional live Murder Mystery as you will find online.

This is no board game or box set!

You will need to be the police, forensics, detective and interrogator in order to find and gather the evidence, solve the crime and accuse the killer – correctly deducing the who, with what and why!

NO TWO EVENTS ARE ALIKE: You control the story and the action! The questions you ask, the clues you find and how you interpret them influences the story.

Event Type

Virtual, Exciting, Immersive, unique

Group Size

4 – 40
But can be tailored for more

Time Needed

Approx 1.5 – 2hours

Items Needed

Computer with camera, microphone and stable internet. Free Zoom account.*

*It is highly recommended that a desktop computer with a mouse (rather than a touch pad) be used.  The larger the screen (or multiple screens) the better the experience will be.