Mini Olympics

Amazing 7


Brilliant for Bonding, Plenty of Laughs, Outdoors

12 – 200+

Around 2 hours

Active (can be adjusted accordingly)

On your marks, get set, go! Embrace the spirit of the upcoming Olympic Games and go for gold in this outdoor event that unleashes your inner champion!

Harness the excitement and anticipation of the Paris Olympic Games by getting your team off the sidelines and involved in your own Mini Olympics Team Bonding event!

What is Mini Olympics?

This fun-filled outdoor event brings all the action of the Olympic Games directly to you and is designed to ignite your team’s competitive spirit and build teamwork that is gold-medal worthy!

Feel the buzz of the upcoming games and channel your inner athlete as you and your team get ready to sprint towards Olympic glory, dive into teamwork like champions, and high jump your way to peak performance.

Our Mini Olympics will have your team feeling like they’ve just competed in the real games, with everyone aiming for Olympic excellence!

Perfect for:

Perfect for anyone counting down the days to the Paris Olympics or who can reel off world record holders’ names just for fun!

While the Mini Olympics is geared towards relatively active teams, our philosophy ensures inclusivity, with physical challenges designed to be safe and non-intimidating.

Whether you’re young or old, fit or not-so-fit, small or large, our event is designed to be inclusive and tailored to be fun for everyone.

What to expect:

Whilst the upcoming summer Olympics involves events like archery, you’ll be using giant slingshots. Instead of the 100m sprint, think sack races. Instead of shooting targets, try capturing the best shot in our photo challenge. The list goes on, but you get the point, this team bonding event has the diversity of the real deal, but on a smaller scale that everyone can be a part of!

Teams compete for points at 3-4 main stations: track events, field events, paparazzi and team survivor events. During the event the teams rotate through each station, so everyone gets to participate in everything.

The track events – teams compete head-to-head using some really fun equipment including, running mats, hoops, sacks, buddy walkers, pipelines, water relay and more.

The field events include our tinny shoot, darts, frisbee golf, finska relay, rhythmic gymnastics routine and more.

Paparazzi event is where teams let their hair down & have some fun with some interesting photo challenges. Teams are given a list of photos they need to do. We will also supply some fun dress-ups to enhance the photos.

Team survivor event — only TIME will tell if your team has what it takes to survive this event and outwit the other teams.

We can set up the Mini Olympics in most parks / ovals. If you already have a specific place in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us & we will work out the logistics for you.