Mini Olympics

Amazing 7


Brilliant for Bonding, Plenty of Laughs, Outdoors

12 – 200+

Around 2 hours

Active (can be adjusted accordingly)

The outdoor event that’s perfect for dynamic teams who love to laugh! 

What is Mini Olympics?

Mini Olympics is a fun and energetic outdoor team event where familiar activities are updated with a fun twist. This event is perfect for active teams who enjoy a bit of friendly competition in the great outdoors. 

Perfect for:

Mini Olympics is perfect for a team that loves a laugh and enjoy a diverse outdoor team building experience. This will suit teams young & old, fit & not so fit, small & large…and everything in between. 

What to expect:

Whilst the Mini Olympics is designed for relatively active teams, our philosophy ensures our events are inclusive and physical challenges are safe and not intimidating.  

The Mini Olympics is run like a sports carnival or Olympic games event. Teams compete for points at 3-4 main stations: track events, field events, cheer squad and team survivor events. During the event the teams rotate through each station, so everyone gets to participate in everything.  

The track events – teams compete head-to-head using some really fun equipment including, gumboots, flippers, hoops, running mats, sacks, buddy walkers, water relay and more. 

The field events include our tinny shoot, darts, frisbee golf, finska relay, rhythmic gymnastics routine and more. 

Paparazzi event is where teams let their hair down & have some fun with some interesting photo challenges. Teams are given a list of photos they need to do. We will also supply some fun dress-ups to enhance the photos.  

Team survivor event — only TIME will tell if your team has what it takes to survive this event… 

We can set up the Mini Olympics in most parks / ovals. If you already have a specific place in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us & we will work out the logistics for you.