Minute to Win it

Minute 6


Plenty of Laughs, Creative, Indoors


8 – 500+


Around 2 hours


Medium level

It’s all on the line in 60 seconds! Who in your team can perform under pressure? 

What is Minute to Win it? 

Based on the popular TV Shows, Minute to Win It & The Cube…we have adapted a huge range of quick, fun challenges for your team to complete to see who can beat the clock! Your group will be split up into smaller teams and will compete against each other. 

Perfect for:  

This event is perfect for groups looking for an energetic, inclusive, and exciting team building event. If you’re wanting an event that encourages creativity, communication, leadership, and quick thinking, then Minute to Win it is for you!  

What to Expect:

Your team will tackle a series of enjoyable and uncomplicated challenges, igniting the energy levels in the room. Expect a dynamic, fast-paced atmosphere with a lineup of quick tasks. Among the engaging games featured are:

  1. Shamrock Shake
  2. Face the Cookie
  3. Cup Stack
  4. Mr. Squiggle
  5. Apple Stack
  6. Defying Gravity

…and a multitude of other captivating challenges.

Flexibility is key to this event’s success. We offer the option to bring all the necessary equipment to your chosen venue, or we can assist in organizing a suitable location that accommodates your group seamlessly. Whether you’re vying for victory in a classic office setup or an unconventional setting, Minute to Win It brings an invigorating spark to team dynamics.

So, if you’re ready to inject a dose of enthusiasm, competition, and a whole lot of fun into your team building endeavors, embrace Minute to Win It for an experience that’s bound to leave your team energized and united!

This event is flexible, we can bring all the necessary equipment to your chosen venue or organise a suitable location to accommodate your group.