Online Activities
For Remote Teams

We’ve taken some well known icebreaker style party games and gave them the Team Bonding treatment. We’ve been playing most of these for years, so we know how much fun this type of game can be.


We present the games on slides over Zoom, which allows us to speak to the whole group and for the sub teams to collaborate in break out rooms. There are quite a few games that will get people out of their seats, and most are to be completed with a time limit. Lots of giggles and plenty of team connection is pretty much guaranteed.


Your team will run through a series of fun, fast icebreaker games. Some are played with the full group and some in breakout rooms with teams of around 4. The games are mostly short, highly engaging and allow the team to get to know each other better and have a laugh.

Games include “Would You Rather”, In home Scavenger Hunts, Caption Contest, “There Should be a Word For”, Spot the Difference and some games inspired by the popular TV Shows “Would I Lie to You” and “Have You Been Paying Attention”.

Having been creating brilliant team building events for nearly 15 years,  we have some pretty good tricks up our sleeves.

We were initially reluctant to move to Zoom.  We weren’t sure we could recreate the level of connection that makes our in person Team Bonding so popular.
It’s gratifying that our test events show that virtual Team Bonding events for remote teams are just as inclusive, fun and fast moving as our in person events.  After a few tweaks from our side, expect your team to have a fun time with this style of event.

Event Type

Plenty of Laughs, Online

Group Size

8 – 50

Time Needed

Around 75 minutes

Activity Level

Low level