Paint and Sip/Clay and sip

Paint and Sip

Creative or not this is a fabulous event for your inner creator to be let free. 

This is a great team-building activity with classes conducted for art enthusiasts and newbies alike.  

The art lessons are guided by a local professional artist who believes that  

“everyone has an artistic flair and simply needs to be pointed to the right direction.” 

Weather you choose one of our partnered venues to host your team event, or for us to travel to your office space or venue, we guide you through some of the basic (and some more advanced) techniques of painting on canvas, in a hassle-free, approachable, and collaborative setting, with everyone taking home their own masterpiece! 

All you need to do is choose your art piece and the rest is provided by us to guide you step by step – and sip by sip. 

Clay and Wine

Looking for fun pottery classes in Brisbane? This clay and sip class is the perfect way to enjoy a night of sculpting, pinch potting, hand building and sipping with a qualified instructor to help! 

During this beginner-friendly workshop and art class, you’ll learn basic skills like hatching, sticking together and shaping forms and will sculpt using stoneware pottery clay. You will follow along with an artist instructing a demo at the front and receive one-on-one guidance and assistance as needed. 

These are two-hour art lessons with all art materials supplied.  What’s more? You get to take your self-made masterpiece home! 

Beginner-friendly. No prior art skills needed, you can come to learn, have fun, connect, chat and sip!