She said yes!


Are you thinking about proposing to your someone special? Wanting to do something unique, memorable & just a little bit left of centre? Well, if you said yes to the above questions then we can certainly help you make sure he/she says yes too!!! 

We recently helped this dream come true for a beautiful (newly engaged) couple George & Donna. George contacted us a while ago wanting to propose to his girlfriend with a twist, and let me tell you I was so on board with this concept from the moment George started telling me about his plan. 

Let me set the scene for you… was George’s birthday & they were going to an escape room in the city for a bit of fun. Once they had escaped they discovered they had “randomly” won a free Amazing Race around the city & to meet their host in Hyde Park, where myself & their professional photographer (Michael from Lucid Media). We then took them on a journey to Observatory Hill under the pretence that they were trialing some of our new Amazing Race challenges & activities. Donna was such a good sport along the way & was even happy to be split up from George when she sadly lost our very rigged airplane challenge meaning she got a harder route to the end (even though that was always going to happen so George could get ahead of her to prepare). George had a beautiful picnic set up on Observatory Hill to surprise Donna when she had finished her Amazing Race. 

Needless to say when Donna laid eyes on George & worked out what was happening we both had tears of joy streaming down our faces. And of course…..she said yes!!!!!

So, not only do we offer unique Team Building activities throughout Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne & Brisbane but we can also make your special moment a reality.