Release your inner artist

paint artwork

During lockdown it is important to stay connected with all our work team mates and friends. Why not connect in this really fun, creative way with Paint and Sip virtual class!?!?

This virtual paint and sip class is run by the talented artist Kylie Johnson. Who will guide you step by step through learning how to paint your artwork. Allowing your own creative ideas to flow all while playing some upbeat music between steps.

Paint and sip classes are perfect for all occasions such as corporate team building event. hens’ night, school groups, kids birthday parties, family nights and more.

Absolutely beginners welcome, no skills required. So get your group together, and get ready to escape life for two hours and learn how to paint and have a lot of fun and laughs…you will be surprised at how much of an artist you really are.

So why not book your next team building experience……paint & sip

Book Your Escape

In a world where remote connections are paramount, why not create an unforgettable team-building experience that transcends the virtual realm? Book your Paint and Sip session, where art, laughter, and camaraderie intertwine.

As we navigate these challenging times, let the virtual canvas be your medium to stay united, inspired, and creatively engaged. Paint and sip your way to an experience that’s not only about creating art but also about nurturing connections that are more vital than ever.

So, seize the opportunity to book your next team-building adventure – a paint and sip experience that promises to bind your team through creativity, fun, and shared memories.