New Events


Not keen on the idea of being the perpetrator or another beige hum-drum office event? Do the words ‘team building’, ‘corporate bonding’ and ‘staff party’ fill you with dread?  Well lucky for you, Team Bonding has heaps of options to take your corporate event from ‘eh’ to ‘AHHHH!’. We’ve even got a bunch of new events for you to enjoy.

We’ve got Wine Tasting Classes, Paint and Sip, Harmonica Jam-sessions, and Cocktail Mixing classes for all you classy-creatives. There’s Hyper-karting and Jet-Boating for the adrenaline junkies. Don’t forgot about all our classic all-rounder events: The Amazing Race, Minute-to-Win-it and Mini Olympics.

Ok ok, you like what you’re hearing, but you need some ammo to fling at HR to convince them to let you book a team bonding event. Well, here are four reasons why:

  1. Life’s too short for boring things: How right are we on this one?! We get it though, some bland things are just unavoidable. So why add boring office-functions to the list? We should be looking forward to the next staff event. You know when an ‘office party’ is more Office than it is Party? Yeah. The small essence of ‘party-ness’ represented by the Coles-brand cola and the plain Doritos just really doesn’t cut it. Bruce won’t stop talking about his client from last week and Sharon is still outraged at the jammed photocopier. That’s not a party.
  2. Meetings should be fun: Did you know that there a 7 types of meetings held within companies? Decision-making meetings, problem-solving meetings, brainstorming meetings, one-on-one meetings, check-in meetings, quarterly planning meetings and…. Team-building meetings. Imagine if your boss said that this month’s team-building meeting was actually a Hyper-Karting session at Moore Park or a wine-tasting class with The Tasting Guys. You’d think you were dreaming! Well, maybe you won’t be. Team-building meetings are as essential as the rest; make sure your staff get the most out it!
  3. The work-from-home era: Zoom meetings, email chains, phone-tag, only had the staff in the workplace at one, you don’t even know what the new guy looks like because his camera is always off… Sound Familiar? Covid certainly has created a new way of working! It’s time to give Covid the flick and get together for some in-person fun.
  4. Sick of surface-level relationships: Still can’t remember the name of Janet’s husband even after working with her for 4 years? Still mix up Andy and Evan in the office? Keep forgetting that Steph’s dog died over a year ago (don’t be that guy.. c’mon). Let’s be honest, only a handful of us can live the social media influencer life-style, so chances are, you’re working in a team somewhere. Maybe it’s time your work-mates became your real mates.

What are you waiting for?! You’ll be the Office Hero when this year’s event is a total winner.