Entertaining Team Building Activities for Employee Engagement


When it comes to team building; physically demanding activities are not required for high-energy team-bonding events. However, these activities play a vital role in creating an enjoyable and effective team bonding event.

To generate the energy that leads to a successful team-bonding event, add challenge, participant buy-in, authenticity, and success. All of these characteristics contribute to a great team bonding experience, and a strong team leads to enhanced employee engagement.

Important Factors of Team Building Activities

For team building, the event must help your team exude energy, boost motivation and generate excitement. These elements are integral to every team bonding experience:

•           Communication – A high-energy team-building event will allow your employees to interact with one another. If you don’t see the potential for your team members to communicate between themselves and the facilitator, then the event may not be effective. Get the communication flowing during the event and you will find the lines of communication improved within your team afterward.

•           Collaboration – Allow your team to collaborate on a task together during the event. You don’t want team-building activities that involve a lot of passive listening or isolated work.

•           Shared Goals – Your team should work together towards a shared goal during the event. If there is no reward at the end, your team might not have any incentive to contribute their talents and energy. But it’s a good idea to push it a little!

•           Movement – Is there any potential for moving during the team-building event? Movement adds vitality and overcomes monotony, whether it’s just standing up and clapping, moving about a room to solve clues, or even making music.


Example of Team Building Activities

Here are some particular activity ideas that should help you achieve your aim of providing an interesting, high-energy team-building experience.

  1. Murder Mystery Games Murder Mystery games have become quite popular in recent years, but for a worthy reason. They’re easily available and will keep your team stimulated as they work together to uncover a sequence of clues in order to solve the murder. Your team will experience a lot of communication and teamwork as you work around the problem together to solve the clues.
  2. Rafting – Try rafting if you have an adventurous party and your region or vacation budget allows for it. There’s plenty of room for physical interaction here, not to mention the bonding that occurs throughout this hard group endeavor. You’ll have a wonderful, shared experience that will undoubtedly add a new connecting vibe to your team.
  3. Music for Team Building – You know how you feel at a concert. Consider concerts you’ve gone to with friends, partners, or even your children. Imagine being able to use the power of music to create your song. Collaboration, creativity, and live performance will push your team to new heights. This is the epitome of high-energy team building. This is what we do for our customers. Our track record speaks for itself, so consider these team-building activities for your employees.

What a great Team building looks like?

Communicate, interact, get outside of your comfort zone, and get moving. Make certain that your team-building event has these features. Consider the payoff when your entire group leaves with that energy-high buzz. It will pay off later on at work.

Here is how Our Team can help you in Team Building Activities.