Exciting New Events Unveiled for your Enjoyment

We are well and truly into September and into spring! Hopefully you’ve had a good year so far and have had the opportunity to take time out to refresh with your team. As you may already know, Team Bonding are the specialists at creating fun and unique team building activities, including indoor and outdoor events, creative and competitive events, and everything in between. We are so excited to announce we have some new events to introduce you to.

 GO Scavenger

GO Scavenger is our new, fast-paced outdoor event. Race your way through a treasure-hunt style course. Take photos, upload videos, and work out cryptic clues all whilst competing to be the fastest team! Challenges include hunting for specific locations and objects, photo challenges, code-cracking, map-challenges and collecting items hidden around the city (just to name a few!).

Bounty Hunter

We also have another outdoor event, Bounty Hunter, which will have your team working together to track down fugitives who are hidden throughout the city. This event is perfect for groups looking for an exciting, high-stakes, competitive outdoor event.

Escape the Office

If you’re looking for something indoors, Escape the Office is our newest unique indoor team building activity. It’s competitive, fast-paced and requires some out-of-the-box thinking. Teams will race against the clock to complete the puzzles, solve clues, and get closer to escaping!

Ice-Ice Baby

 If competition isn’t your thing, then our Ice-Ice Baby event could be just the thing! This event is designed to help you and your team unwind. Held at a location of your choice, this event combines meditation, music, breathwork, and ice baths to provide your group with a unique and relaxing team building experience.

Bike n Blend!

Lastly, we have Bike n Blend! This is the perfect addition to both corporate and private events.  Make your very own pedal-powered smoothie with these specialised Blender Bikes. Grab your ingredients, pop them in the blender, and bike your way to a beverage. Your event will stand out for all the right reasons!