EOFY Reflections: Celebrating Achievements and Inspiring Future Success

EOFY Reflections: Celebrating Achievements and Inspiring Future Success

From midnight on June 30th the business’s books are closed and all further transactions migrate into the next financial year as it would be the EOFY. The mountains of admin tasks, the hustle to kit final sales KPIs, last-minute purchases and performance analysis make EOFY stressful for a lot of people. In this busy period, it’s important that you don’t overlook the staff (or yourself!).  

The EOFY period requires excellent communication, creative and critical thinking, problem-solving and energy. Team building has become a core component of many workplaces, being recognised as an essential part of creating unison, fostering healthy communication, and establishing a positive culture. So don’t let any of your precious team building budgets go to waste! It’s not too late to organise a Team Building event this financial year. An event can be low-key or a little bit extra, relaxing, adventurous, creative, or competitive.  

June 30 not only marks the end of the fiscal year, but it also signals 6 months down on the calendar year. It’s easy to think, ‘Where has all the time gone?!’, but it’s a prime opportunity to pause and acknowledge the work your team has put in, reward them for hitting key KPIs, and celebrate individual successes. Everyone likes to feel valued and know that their contribution is meaningful. A fun event is something to work towards and will boost morale and motivation, combating burnout.   

Emphasis is placed on finishing the end of the financial year strong. However, we also need to start the next fiscal year strong too! Setting time aside to reinvigorate, re-strategize, and acknowledge achievements is essential for setting up your team for further success. Use a Team Building Activity as an exciting way to approach planning meetings; the novel environment is sure to inspire creativity.

EOFY events for team building   

EOFY is the perfect opportunity to see how we can positively impact others. It can be so easy to get caught up in our world. Yet it’s incredibly fulfilling to contribute to a wider purpose. Participating in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team building activity is the perfect way to give back to the community. 

Now, if you’ve gotten so busy and haven’t been able to organise an EOFY event, it’s not too late! Team Bonding can organise something amazing for you, tailoring a unique event that highlights your key achievements. The event is reflective of your culture and mission, and is guaranteed to be fun.  

There are two ways you might approach EOFY events:  

  1. A pre-EOFY pump-up event: It’s a double-whammy – refresh and encourage your team and use up any left-over budgets. Team building events are the perfect way to preface any strategic planning or performance reviews.  
  2. A post-EOFY celebration: Let’s face it, we’re all human and tensions may have gotten a little high over the last few weeks. Use this opportunity to celebrate and recognise your staff.   

When it comes to creating awesome events, do something different. As it’s sure to capture the attention of your team, spark momentum, and demonstrate your appreciation. And don’t forget, factor team building into the budget for next fiscal year!
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