From Harvest to Hot Chocolate: Autumn Team Building Ideas


Embrace the autumn season with fun team-building activities, discover why we love autumn and the best ways to enjoy it!
Well, it’s April and we are smack bang in the middle of the Aussie Autumn. Over recent years it’s become strangely popular to be in love with autumn. Clichés of pumpkin spiced lattes, photo shoots amongst golden leaves and apple picking have inspired our idea of what autumn could be. Without getting accused of being ‘basic’ and buying into clichés, we’d like to share some reasons why we love autumn here at Team Bonding.  

The Perfect Weather for Outdoor Activities

Firstly, we love the weather! We’re risking getting called boring and basic right about now, but hear us out. Australia, depending on which part, has a somewhat mild autumn. The relatively warmish days combined with the cool evenings open things up for a range of both day and night-time activities. The lower humidity makes it easier to get outside more comfortably compared, to our hot summer months.  We suggest embracing the days. The Royal Gardens are a prime setting for spending some time outdoors. You’ll find a royal garden in the major cities of Australia, and we find them to be the perfect setting for hosting some of our favourite events, such as our classic Amazing Race, Mini Olympics or even an Alfresco Bonding event

Seasonal Food and Beverages for Team Building

Everyone knows that good food is central to any sort of celebration or team building activity. Autumn brings us some stunning seasonal produce; apples, pears, pumpkins, sweet potatoes – just to name a few. We know that there are so many team building activities that feature food. For example, our My Cooking Rules event is a perfect way to combine friendly competition and good food. You’ll be guided by a chef to make your own masterpieces. Hosting an office bake-off is a classic, yet low-key way to bring in some friendly banter. It’s also a good excuse to get some tasty treats into the workplace. We recommend finishing off any of our competitive events with a meal at a local venue. There’s nothing better than continuing the team spirit over a meal.  

Did you know that autumn is when vineyards begin harvesting? Australia has no shortage of beautiful vineyards around and we love the idea of embracing them! If you’re looking for a classy activity, winery visits, wine tastings and tasting classes, even mixology classes are all excellent autumn team-building activities. You might even learn to create some autumn-inspired drinks. We’ve got boozy hot chocolate, pumpkin spiced flavours, mulled wine, and apple cider on our radar! 

We see it on social media, people searching target for the perfect plaid accessory or scented candle to re-decorate their home. Whilst that may be more of an American thing, we think maybe they’re onto something. Take autumn into the office and spice it up with some fun décor. Have a bit of an office laugh and have a party. Get everyone to dress as something autumn-themed. Scarecrows, pumpkins, and deciduous trees are all viable dress up options… 

Autumn-Inspired Team Building Competitions

Why wait until the end of the year or a ‘special’ occasion for some fun? Why not build some team spirit during autumn. There are some awesome autumn-themed competition ideas out there. We’re envisioning costume contests, bake offs, farmer’s market scavenger hunts, apple bobbing, ugly sweater competitions, why not even try a pumpkin carving competition! We enjoy tailoring our events to themes and seasons – autumn is no exception!   

Some families might have a hard time during autumn as winter approaches. You can turn one of our competitive events into a charity event. Team Bonding has partnered with The Freedom Hub to help victims of modern slavery, but we can run an event to help a charity of your choice too. In a Team Bonding charity event, your group will work together to collect items or raise money to help people in need.  

Have you fallen in love with autumn yet? Or do you need a few more parting inspirations? Take a Kombi van out for a drive on a beautiful crisp autumn day; embrace the changing foliage and fresh air with an activity in the gardens; tempt your senses with a Mixology class; Get cosy with a Paint and Sip art class; Or spend the evening enjoying a drink in a charming pub. Whatever you fancy, Team Bonding is here to make it happen.