New Year...New games

People celebrating new year fireworks

I spy with my little eye some new games and exciting activities coming to Team Bonding!

Over the break the work has not stopped here at Team Bonding but instead we have been working on quite a few new amazing race courses and new games that bring new team building challenges for you and your team. Expect a challenge, thrill, excitement and just a lot of fun for you to have with your team mates in observing scenes, unravelling clues, strategy, and working against the clock.

So what have we been working on you ask?? 

We have 3 new races coming to the Amazing Race family. These include Kombi Kluedo which is the ultimate murder mystery race, zipping around town in Kombi vans, working together as a team, solving clues to crack the case. Our next one is The Ultimate Spy Race – with no time to waste.  This is for the teams that are a bit of a thrill seeker, this one really gets your mind and heat racing, but keep your cool and use your wits to solve the clues and find the combination to disarm the bomb before it goes off. Then we have The Amazing Mystery Race  are you the next real life Sherlock Holmes? Do you and your team have a great eye for detail? Then this is the race for you. This race will have you running around town, investigating parties involved and gathering evidence to solve the crime.  

These new events will go live on the website over the next few weeks for you to be able to book. So get your teams together and come try them out. And we are currently offering $250 off for a limited time only.