The 5 golden benefits of team building

boring presentation

If you’ve been in the corporate world for any length of time, at some point or another management would’ve made you take in part “yet another boring team building day”, unless you’ve been lucky enough to live under a rock.

However, hear us out, studies have proven that team bonding days/events are very beneficial to the work force. We have outlined five golden reasons why…..

1) Improved communication

It has been shown that team building activities have increased communication between colleagues, and even different departments.

2) Increased productivity

Increased productivity naturally improves when the communication lines open between departments & work colleagues in general as the team members feel increasingly more part of a team & therefore making team members more involved & committed to the workplace. And every boss will tell you – more productivity = more money!!!

3) Decreased staff turn over

It has shown that companies who regularly participate in team building events & activities retain more staff members overall. We believe this is due to the increased staff morale & comradery, therefore making people happier in the workplace overall.

4) Builds trust

Through different tasks & activities in any team building program, participants will learn to trust each other. They will learn everyone’s strengths & weaknesses which will help develop stronger relationships within the team.

5) Strengthens leadership

Every team needs a strong leader! With the help of structured team building activities & exercises naturally identify leadership qualities in individuals & will highlight these strengths in people looking at progressing in their careers.

We completely understand that the very thought of team building days will make your stomach go into knots. However, at Team Bonding, we promise that we have discovered an easy, fun & exciting way to achieve the above benefits of team building to get every team member involved & having fun.

At Team Bonding our motto is bonded teams are better teams!

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