March into Back to school this Year!


Come on a thought journey for a minute. Picture the moment when you wake up in the morning, your alarm is beeping, it’s still kind of dark as you drag yourself out of bed, wander into the kitchen and find the coffee – it’s a slow, groggy process, but eventually you wake up enough to start the day. Now grasp the feeling of getting to Tuesday; Monday is over, you’ve begun, but still, it’s only Tuesday and there’s a long way Back to school to get to Friday.

Once you’ve locked those two feelings in your brain, apply them to March. March. It’s not quite the start of the year, but it’s close enough. You might still be getting into the year, setting goals (because honestly, who actually sets them on January 1st!?), and planning the months ahead. Starting with a team building or office-wide social event is a great idea for kicking into the office year and here’s why:

An interesting event builds momentum. Starting off the year with something exciting boosts team morale. “Why do we need a pick me up so early in the year?’ we hear you ask… Well, prevention is certainly better than a cure! Keeping energy and enthusiasm high before it starts to drop is an absolute game-changer.

Embrace new ideas and goals for the year. The new year is the perfect time for businesses, companies, brands, and individuals to set new goals and refocus. Inject your vision and planning sessions with a fun and social component. Hype your team up for the goals ahead. A cohesive team that’s excited for a common goal is a formidable force!

Reunite the team. Take the time to set the tone for the year, create a fresh workplace culture and sense of camaraderie amongst your team. This is also the perfect way to integrate any new team members! Research has shown that Back to school is better inter-personal bonds between team members will increase their engagement levels at work. Encouraging social interaction and collaboration will positively impact work-related interactions.

More than a co-worker. Let’s take that sense of camaraderie a step further. Did you know employees that have strong friendships at work have increased satisfaction? Happier employees are more likely to enjoy their work more, be more engaged and produce higher-quality results. Take the time to step out of the office for a bit, share a meal and a drink. Remind yourself that you are more than your career and that there’s a person behind your co-worker.

Team building and Back to School don’t have to be boring or awkward. Team Bonding a huge range of activities from Wine Tastings, Go-karting, Trivia, Amazing Races, Charity Events, Lego Events, Harmonica Jams, and the list goes on. No matter the group size, and no matter the style, there’s an event waiting to excite every team.

 So, here’s to the (almost) beginning of the new year!