Circus Skills

Circus skills helps teams find their inner child, all while learning some new skills!

What is it:

Circus skills is a brilliant metaphor, for modern life, we all need to learn to juggle and spin plates.

You’ll learn the basics of juggling and spinning plates, plus play with some fun new toys.  It requires persistence, determination and teaches you to stay in the moment.

Learning circus skills builds adaptability and it is easy to draw parallels to changes facing your team. Not to mention that it’s super rewarding and heaps of FUN!

Will suit you if:

You are looking for something really different. You have a diverse team that are ripe for a challenge. Your team or organisation is needing to rapidly adapt to change or more will be required from them.

What to expect:

Like learning any new skill, your team will need to persist to master some of the activities, but this makes it all the more exciting when you find yourself juggling or spinning a plate for the first time.

Our talented facilitators (from Benny-o) will demonstrate a range of circus equipment such as devil sticks, spinning plates, hoops, diabolos and juggling equipment, and patiently coach your team till they pick up the skill. The event is structured so that you get exposure to lots of activities and most teams choose to put on a little show for their colleagues.

Juggling and other circus skills increase spatial awareness depth perception and physical endurance which all increase mental awareness.

Event Type

Plenty of Laughs, Indoors, Outdoors

Group Size

10 – 100+

Time Needed

2 – 2.5 hours

Activity Level

Medium Level