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One way to ensure your team building activities are truly memorable is change everyone’s environment and get your team into the great outdoors. No matter the reason for the event, whether it’s part of a corporate retreat, a Christmas party or a quarterly team building day, everyone will benefit from getting out of the office for a few hours.   Many team bonding activities are planned in naturally scenic locations, or take groups through parts of Sydney they may never have explored. This feeling of sharing a new place or outlook can in itself help foster a sense of community within the group, as well as break down any natural barriers between staff who do not know each other well, building true rapport rapidly.

Thanks to our innovations, outdoor team building activities have become fun as well as beneficial. With unique and inspiring ideas, our organised events are designed to provide a physical as well as mental challenge. Each can be tailored for individual requirements or specific outcomes. It is also important to note that no matter the activity, the safety of participating groups is paramount.

Let’s take a look at some of Team Bonding’s most popular outdoor team building activities.

 List of Outdoor Team Building Activities brought to you by Team Bonding

Mini Olympics
The Amoeba Race a highlight of the Mini Olympics
The Amoeba Race a highlight of the Mini Olympics

Remember your school athletics carnival? Depending on your sporting prowess, you’re either going to look back fondly on those days or groan in pain at the memory. Luckily, Team Bonding’s Mini Olympics is nothing like your school days, as everyone is included and everyone laughs from beginning to end. For a start, you probably didn’t have events like the “Garden Darts” or get to ride giant inflatable Ponies at school!  Other highlights are relays, rhythmic gymnastics, dribbling giant soccer balls and running in an amoeba clump.

As no one is expected to perform at Usain Bolt’s level, the major advantage of the Mini Olympics is that the events are not intimidating – everyone gets to volunteer for the events that suit them. The Mini Olympics activity is suitable for groups from 30 to 100 people, and most are held in a truly stunning location in the Royal Botanic Gardens.  It is an ideal way to encourage some friendly competition as well as team bonding among your corporate athletes (and non-athletes too).

Everyone loves the photo challegenes in "Paparazzi"
Everyone loves the photo challenges in “Paparazzi”

This event is a unique idea for groups who are short on time but want to experience an absorbing and creative challenge. Team Bonding’s Paparazzi activity takes place in a small area such as the Rocks, Cockle Bay, Manly or Kirribilli, and involves teams searching for “locations” for photo shoots within a fixed timeframe. Team Bonding also provide a “Cluedo” style challenge in which groups must
stage a murder mystery using some fun props. The Paparazzi activity is suitable for groups from 12 to 100 people.

Amazing Race
The Amazing Race is great team fun
The Amazing Race is great team fun

Team Bonding’s Amazing Race is one of our most popular outdoor team building activities. It combines the exciting physical challenge of a scavenger race with mental stimulation, all with an emphasis on developing strong and effective teams. Each individual member of the team gets to participate, with fun rewards and prizes awarded to the best teams at the end of the challenge.

One of the best features of the Amazing Race is the locations in which it is held, including some of Sydney’s most iconic spots such as The Rocks, Kirribilli, Cockle Bay, the Sydney Botanic Gardens and Parramatta. The Race can also be run in Melbourne, and some teams do simultaneous events in Sydney and Melbourne.  At the end of the challenge participants complete the “photo shoot” challenge which results in hundreds of fun team photos to remember the activity. The Amazing Race is suitable for groups from 10 to 100 people.

London Cab Rally 2
These London Cabs are the perfect prop to outdoor team building activities
London Cab Rally

The London black cab must be one of the best team bonding “props” ever! Team Bonding’s London Cab Rally is a one of a kind team bonding experience. Participants experience a traditional car rally as well as competing in a scavenger hunt across the city. The activity is suitable for smaller groups up to a maximum of 30 people, and can be completed within 2.5 hours. The cabs provide a
comfortable way to enjoy the sights of the city, while solving challenges in team-based activities.

Best of Outdoors
outdoor team building activities
Join in the fun with the Best of Outdoors

The Best Of Outdoors, is our version of a restaurant tasting plate, because combines the highlights from the Mini Olympics, the Paparazzi challenge and the Outdoor Fun & Games into one outdoor event. The Best of Outdoors lasts for around 2 hours, and each group is “rotated” through each of the activities. The activity is suitable for groups from 50 to 120 people, competing in between 4 and 12 teams.

Whatever your activity level and tastes for entertainment, Team Bonding has the perfect outdoor team building activities for you. Check out all our great activities and find our how you can get your team out of the office and on the way to some great team fun!