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Large Team Having Fun

Teambuilding events are a good way to give employees a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of corporate life. In addition to energising tired employees, teambuilding is also a good way to foster better relations with co-workers since it promotes communication and camaraderie. However, organising a teambuilding event can be time consuming, and for companies looking for something out of the ordinary, the search for a one-of-a-kind corporate event can be quite burdensome.

Businesses based in Sydney, however, are very fortunate. There are various teambuilding activities offered by professional event organisers in the area, and listed below are some of the most unique events for teambuilding Sydney companies can host for their employees:

Amazing Race-style events – These events are patterned after one of the most popular reality shows on television, The Amazing Race. In contrast to the televised competition, however, this kind of event is held on foot within the city. Employees can visit various landmarks within the area covered by the event and complete challenges while at the same time aiming to finish before other teams. Amazing race-style events suit many types of teams and are a great way to show off the city.

Painting and music activities – Teambuilding events are not just about encouraging camaraderie among workers; they can also be a good way to nurture the creativity of employees. Painting activities are an ingenious way to inspire imaginative thinking while allowing employees to relax and unwind. Another way to encourage creativity is by hosting a music themed event, such as an African drumming event. Creating a beat with co-workers encourages teamwork while keeping the mood light and fun.

Cooking class and competition – Sharing memories over food is one of the most effective ways to create a friendly atmosphere among workers. Not only do event participants get to discover and further develop their own cooking skills, a cooking class will also definitely satisfy hungry tummies. Cooking contests also promote friendly competition among workers — and the prize at the end includes deeper friendships and a tasty meal.

Circus skills workshop – Learning a new skill is a good way to invigorate employees tired from the monotony of office work — and what else can be more novel than learning circus skills? Learning how to juggle, play with a diabolo (a spool similar to a large yoyo that is tossed and whirled on strings held by two sticks) and balance spinning plates will definitely make for an interesting afternoon. A plus side to this activity is that these activities will also enhance workers’ mental awareness and powers of persistence.

Murder Mystery – Everyone loves a good detective, but not everyone gets to play one in real life. This unique event allows workers to practice their crime-solving skills, a skill that is probably not needed in the office setting — however, it does promote creative and critical thinking, which is something that all workers can benefit from.