Tag: Outdoors


Amazing Property Race

The Property Race is a board game on steroids!  Each property on the game board is a real location around your city. Your team will need to strategise to plan your route and property targets and then reach the location before the other teams. Want to buy the Opera House – just reach it first! 


Alfresco Bonding

Alfresco bonding is an outdoor picnic in one of Sydney’s amazing parks, which kicks off with some of our simplest, most fun, moderately active outdoor team building lawn games.  Our games include paparazzi (our fun photo challenge), group games & general lawn games for your team to enjoy at their leisure. Our picnic partners, To Dine For Picnics have created some simple, great value packages. We will keep the teams entertained with the games while the picnic is being set up – ready for you to relax & enjoy.