Spark Your Workforce’s Creativity With Sydney Teambuilding

Photography Team Building Sydney 29

Creativity is the new currency. As consumer appetite for new technology and innovation grows, the challenge rests upon the shoulders of businesses to find new ways to adapt to these changes. And these changes are no longer confined to Silicon Valley. The challenge to find new ways of doing things has spread all over cities like Tokyo, New York and Sydney. Teambuilding is an ideal activity to foster creativity among leaders and the workforce.

Henry Ford is widely acknowledged for inventing the automobile and the assembly line. The truth is, the two were already around when he started his venture. However, it cannot be denied that he helped usher in a new age by pushing two innovations to the forefront: specialisation and the use of interchangeable parts. These two, along with the assembly line and a steady supply of cheap parts made cars accessible to masses after years of being a status symbol for those who are well-off.

Modern businesses are built upon these ideas. Managers are taught to find an efficient way to produce products within the fastest turnaround period and at the least cost. Instead of artisans, the modern factory is built around workers with individual specialisations.

Modern business, in short, is boring. Efficiency is boring. Cost efficiency is boring. That’s how businesses thrive. Systems are put in place because they are the quickest route to producing goods at the shortest possible time, at the least cost and with minimal waste.

With the success of start-ups and Internet businesses, along with the radical shift in the world economy in recent years, the premium for creativity has risen. Some people are even questioning the validity of a college degree in the face of Zuckerberg and Jobs.

Teambuilding events have gained popularity in recent years as they help companies face the challenge of being innovative. The events included in a teambuilding event are essentially simulations of the challenges of innovation businesses must accept if they wish to continue to thrive: face something unknown, something which they have not encountered before; pool their resources together; then find an ideal solution to reach their goal. As an added bonus, managers and team members get a chance to bond in a fun environment.

The singular hurdle for businesses that have been chained to traditions and routines is the fear of making mistakes because they can be costly for the business. By wrapping the idea of trying new things and thinking out of the box of tried and tested methods in a package that is fun and accessible to the business team, the spark of creativity is ignited. And in the age of start-ups and the Internet, that greatly matters.