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The Radical Culture Change Sweeping Footy

The culture has radically changed in many of of Australia’s leading football clubs.  Since the start of time Australian males have absorbed the tired mantra to “harden up”.  Well those looking for a true performance edge have found massive success with a new approach, which could be described as “soften up”.    It all started...

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Bring Out the Best in Diverse Teams

Did you know that diverse teams often get better results than non-diverse teams?  Apple certainly think so As Apple have noted, great ideas can come from anywhere.  In fact more great ideas might emerge from challenge than privilege. Here are just a few the benefits from fostering diversity of gender, age, physicality and racial or...

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The Long Term Value of Team Building

When was the last time you considered the long term value of team building? Do you view team building as a vital part of fostering employee motivation leading to an increase in productivity? Managers in an organisation understand that to be successful their employees must work well together in teams, with good communication, problem-solving skills,...