Shufl Experience

Shufl Experience

Do you want the perfect place to entertain your whole team and bring everyone together to enjoy the perfect combination of glorious food, unique drinks and high vibes?? 

Then look no further than the Shufl Experience gastro-gaming venue that is guaranteed to leave everyone in a good mood.  

The best team building events are the ones that don’t feel like a day at the office.  We know that fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting.  The benefit of fun activities that have teams working together to a common cause, can include better communication skills, planning, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.  For others, a team building activity is about celebration. And nothing says appreciation like creating occasions filled with laughter, fun and cheering on your teammates.  

SHUFL is all that and more, it’s a fast-paced, fun, exciting Team Building experience that also allows you to master a new skill.  

What is shuffleboard? 

Players’ slide pucks along the playing surface towards the opposite score zones, with points awarded for accuracy.  Our SHUFL tables feature a revolutionary concave playing surface, which makes it easy to learn, quick to play and hard to master. Generating an electric atmosphere with up to 4 players per team, Shuffleboard can be played with a bite to eat, a craft beer, or a cocktail – anything goes!   

How to play. 

So, you’re looking to play shuffleboard but not sure how it works?  Don’t want to embarrass yourself on the playing field?  Never fear, SHUFL is here, and we’ve got your back.  Our SHUFL Crew will teach you the rules, how to play, how to score and even how to puck off!  By the end of your experience, we will have you tournament fit! 

Inclusion & Diversity  

More organisations and groups are striving to build a diverse and inclusive team. SHUFL doesn’t discriminate – gender, age, job role, able bodied or not, athlete or supporter – it’s quite simply a game for everyone, a game where everyone is competing equally for glory.