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Amazing Property Race

Property race tile 01

The Amazing Property Race is a board game on steroids!  Each property on the game board is a real location around your city. Your team will need to strategise to plan your route and property targets and then reach the location before the other teams. Want to buy the Opera House – just reach it […]

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Amazing Spy Race

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The Amazing Race with a mystery twist! Your team must save the world in a breathtaking race among the underworld of spys, informers and assets. With professional actors both at the crime scene and hidden at various “checkpoints” around the course, the storyline unfolds as you speak to more witnesses and discover more clues.

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Kombi Kluedo


Team Bonding is thrilled to partner with Kombi Style to provide this unique team building activity for teams of up to 35 people. Cross a vintage car rally, with the Amazing Race and add a dash of a Murder Mystery!

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Amazing Mystery Race


The Amazing Race with a mystery twist! Your team will examine a crime scene and need to put the clues together to figure out what has happened. Using those clues, your team with then need to find evidence and witnesses around the city in order to solve the mystery and accuse the guilty party.

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Amazing Race

Team Building North Sydney Kirribilli 141

The Amazing Race is perfect if you are looking for a fun, dynamic & different team building event! Brought to you by ‘Team Bonding’ we are the experts in creating a different kind of team bonding experience for teams wanting to get out of the boardroom & have a little fun.

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Alfresco Bonding

royal rehab paparazzi activity 112 scaled 1 e1606280274190

Team Bonding have partnered up with one of Sydney’s most desired pop-up picnic companies to create a safe and fabulous outdoor event that will tick all your boxes.  Get your team outdoors, playing some fun lawn games and eating some great food.  What could be better?

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Drum Together

Team Bonding Drum Together 1

For centuries drumming has been used throughout the world to mark momentous occasions such as births, deaths, harvests, weddings, battle preparation and rites of passage. The sound of the drum strikes a chord within us all, like it has done throughout history, the drum continues to bring people together. Today interactive drumming remains one of […]

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Circus Skills

Circus Team Building 4

Learning circus skills builds adaptability and it is easy to draw parallels to changes facing your team. Not to mention that it’s super rewarding and heaps of FUN!

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Mini Olympics

best of outdoors 066 300x225 1

The Mini Olympics is basically run like a sports carnival / Olympics games. Teams compete for gold medals at 3 main stadiums; the race meet; ball games and field meet. During the event your teams rotate around all three, changing every 35-40 minutes.

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The Great Kombi Race


This is a marriage of our super fun Amazing Race activity with a retro car rally – all conducted in the great comfort and style of beautifully maintained Vintage Kombi Vans.

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Photography Team Building Sydney 14

The photographic and other creative challenges are consistently popular and everyone has a great laugh at the photos they’ve taken. Whilst it isn’t fiercely contested, there is just enough competition to make the result interesting.

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