Virtual Survivor – Outplay, outwit, outlast, online!

What is it:

Virtual Survivor is an challenge based, hosted team competition – complete with tribal council! Part live video, part workplace strategy!

Typically, this event takes place over a number of days or weeks with a weekly or bi-weekly online session with the whole team, during which mini-challenges take place, a recap of the week and a tribal council. Also at this session, bigger group challenges will be set for each tribe to collaborate on before the next tribal council.

Virtual Survivor is set in the online virtual world but carries on through the week offline.  You will need to collaborate, strategise, outwit, outplay and outlast.

Will suit you if:

Perfect for corporate teams forced to work in different locations but want to keep the great team atmosphere going! This works well for family groups and friends too but takes place over a longer period of time and needs a longer commitment.

Survivor is a complex game, and its winners have employed a wide variety of tactics to ensure their victories. The beautiful thing about Survivor is that there is no “right” way to play the game. Some people excel at physical challenges, others at strategy, others at socializing, and others at things like jury management and simply staying out of the way.

Read up on the strategies of the TV Show Survivor here. Fancy something online that’s a bit shorter? Try Virtual Yoga, Virtual Trivia or Virtual Fun and Games.

Virtual Survivor from Team Bonding

Event Type

Online team challenges

Group Size


Time Needed

Takes place over multiple days or even weeks.

Activity Level

Activity shared among the team.