Amazing Race Rules

1. You have been provided with a map

2. Set a comfortable pace for your team, as you will not be checked into checkpoints until your whole team arrives.

3. At each checkpoint the team will be involved in one or more point scoring tasks. Please use the full resources of your team to complete the challenges.

4. Even though this is a race, & you will get points for coming in first. Each activity across the course are scored, so take your time to complete them as the first team to arrive at the end may not necessarily win the race.

5. Any answers to questions will be located on fixtures like statues, plaques & signs.

6. For bonus points – take photos & tag us on Instagram @teambondingau

7. If the weather turns, anyone is unwell, you get lost or encounter any problems please call either;

Karen 0407 641 119


Public race in Sydney: Saturday 23rd October 2021

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HURRY – Limited places.

Race, Find, Buy!


Race and buy your way around Sydney in the ultimate board game – taken to the streets! Take Monopoly, mix it with The Amazing Race and add steroids!

In teams of 4 – 6, beat other teams to the property shown on the huge game board, buy a colour set then houses! The aim is to build your property portfolio and bankrupt your competition. Get to a property after its already been purchased and pay the rent!

Beware of Chance and Community Chest cards, they could send you to jail or award you second prize in a surfing competition! Part strategy, part race, part the luck of the draw, all fun!

This is a hosted race. Teams will be told where the start line is only a couple of days prior to the start and will all start together, however, the route your take and the order of the properties is completely up to you. Every team has the same time limit – what you do with the time is also your choice!

This is not an downloaded app that you follow – you start together with the other teams, finish together and the game evolves live and in person. Using state of the art geo-tracking and challenges triggered when you get to your property location, The Amazing Property Race is a two hour adrenaline race against the clock and the other teams.

All you need is a team of 4 – 6 people, running shoes (or walking shoes if you prefer), a smart phone for the team and a sense of fun and competition!  Add a fancy dress costume for extra starting cash! Everything else is provided in a short briefing before the start.

Hurry to register – there are only 6 teams per game and two games can be played at the same time

On the day

  • TEAMSRace as a team of 4 – 6. Walking / running is required to race so a level of fitness is recommended. Children are welcome but each team must have a supervising adult.
  • BRINGTeams should wear clothes and shoes suitable for walking / running. Each team must also bring a fully charged smart phone capable of location tracking and taking pictures. Our team will help you register before the start. No downloads are needed! Everything else you need will be provided.
  • TIMERegistration and briefing is 9:30am. While the race start time is 10am, teams will not be allowed to participate without attending the full briefing first.  The race lasts for 2 hours.
  • TICKETSEarly Bird Tickets now on sale for $100 per team.

Get your team together and register – Early-bird Sale now on