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Choosing a venue for any successful event, especially the annual work Christmas party can be a difficult task, and one that is daunting for anyone in charge, no matter how many times you’ve don’t it. These ideas will aid you in selecting the venue that is right for your needs at this years Christmas party for a stress-free Christmas event.

Christmas Balloon Heart

1. Get Feedback from Employees

Obviously the best way to figure out what your work Christmas party guests would like is to go straight to the source. Forget about making it a total surprise, though that can also be fun, it’s more important to ensure your guests are going to have a fun time and enjoy the venue rather than an underwhelming surprise. Unless last year’s party venue was particularly great and ran without problems, it’s best to try somewhere different. Ask your guests where Christmas parties have been held in the past, find out what they like and dislike in Christmas party venues and ask for suggestions. This way you’ll get a much better understanding of what employees really want from the venue. Write some ideas down and make a list of the top likes and dislikes. In doing this, you’ll not only acquire great ideas, but help promote the event.

2. Ensure the Venue Matches the Theme

While obviously most venues can set up a Christmas theme for the event, it’s a good idea to see what other services they offer that could fit specific themes. These themes will really get people holly jolly. Some things to consider is what minimum dress code each venue has. Can you get everyone to dress up as their favourite Christmas characters? How far will people go to win the award for the best dressed or most imaginative costume? Often high class venues will not usually allow entry for guests wearing shorts at your beach holiday Christmas party. Ensure you check with the venue beforehand to avoid any embarrassing rejections at the door. Sometimes setting a particular theme will get people excited about the event beforehand, get them thinking and planning what they’ll wear and what kind of activities will be involved and get everyone in the office talking. This is also a wonderful exercise in team building and getting everyone together and involved. Themes are particularly great for parties with a smaller budget as the theme can really add value to the venue to make the difference between it being just another regular old, boring Christmas party or a fantastic day or evening to be remembered.

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3. Set the Atmosphere

It’s important to figure out how casual or formal your Christmas event will be before it’s announced so you can inform your venue of choice beforehand. Not only will they want to know what to expect, but it will help them plan staff, catering and entertainment. Some may even be able to tailor certain things to your Christmas party. Once the venue knows, your guests will want to know as well. You don’t need to dish out all the juicy details and leave no surprises, just enough so that people will know what to wear, whether it be a dress-up party or a more formal affair. Of course the atmosphere of your party and its formality will all depend upon what the venue will allow, what kind of budget you have, the number of guests and size of your business as well as the food you’ll be serving and of course the theme you apply.

4. Pre-Plan Decorations

It’s important to pre-plan your decorations, making a list of all the things you’ll need. Many venues offer Christmas decorations free of charge or for an additional cost. Remember the bigger the venue and event, the more decorations you’ll need, though of course this will also largely depend on your budget. Decorations are a fantastic way to lift the spirit of the event in a non-costly way, set the atmosphere of the venue and get people into the spirit of Christmas. Think about what kind of decorations you’d like for the venue and remember to stick with your intended theme. A good idea is to buy online from Christmas event suppliers as you’ll have greater options to choose from and you’re more likely to score a better deal. If you’re thinking about buying a real Christmas tree, remember to check with the venue first to see if they will allow it. Planning your tree supplier in advance is better than trying to score the best deal and picking out a Christmas tree of bad quality. Communication is key between yourself and the venue. Ensure you are not caught out wasting time and money.

Christmas Decoration

5. Book Now!

Probably the most important aspect of planning your work Christmas party is to book the venue early. The earlier the better as places fill up, fast! Of course all aspects of the planning should be done well in advance but you’ll really have to book the event venue particularly early if you want a location out of office. Remember, every other business nearby will be planning their annual Christmas event or end of year celebrations too and you’ll all be vying for the same local venues, so get in quick to make sure you get your place.