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I will admit it, I am a closet Tour de France addict. I have no other interest in cycling and I don’t follow the sport at any other time of the year, but something about the elaborate strategies reels me in every time. I am especially impressed by the teamwork.

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Teamwork in cycling is quite unique, because some individuals are asked to sacrifice their own aspirations for the good of a team leader. Generally the team leader is predetermined, and occasionally a rider who could do

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Choosing a venue for any successful event, especially the annual work Christmas party can be a difficult task, and one that is daunting for anyone in charge, no matter how many times you’ve don’t it. These ideas will aid you in selecting the venue that is right for your needs at this years Christmas party for a stress-free Christmas event.

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1. Get Feedback from Employees

Obviously the best way to figure out what your work Christmas party guests would like is to go straight to the source. Forget

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The third quarter of the year is winding down to a close, but your business has managed to meet the goals it has set at the onset of the year. Perhaps your team has exceeded its sales quota. Maybe your business has acquired several qualified leads. All of these would not be possible without the hard work, dedication and even the tenacity of each individual team member. Your business may not be considered a big contender in your industry — not yet. But things are certainly looking up.

Certainly, the contributions of your personnel should not go unnoticed. Without them,

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What’s the difference between an effective team building exercise and a fun day out with work colleagues? At Team Bonding we believe that the difference is the type of activity undertaken as well as the amount of thought and planning that should go into such an event. Any team building event should have a clear purpose and goals in mind. That being said, there’s no reason why “team building” and “fun” should be mutually exclusive: the activities that are well-planned and where everyone gets involved often turn

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When was the last time you considered the long term value of team building?

Do you view team building as a vital part of fostering employee motivation leading to an increase in productivity?

Managers in an organisation understand that to be successful their employees must work well together in teams, with good communication, problem-solving skills, motivation and minimal stress. With this in mind, you’d think that improving and building successful teams would be number 1 on their priority list.

However, the issue is that the benefits of team building activities can sometimes be intangible or even ambiguous. On the one hand, the team

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