Spy Race

The Amazing Spy Race – Turn your city into a giant game of covert espionage.

What is it:

The Amazing Spy Race is The Amazing Race with a mystery twist! Your team must save the world in a breathtaking race among the underworld of spies, informers and covert assets.

With professional actors both at the crime scene and hidden at various “checkpoints” around the course, the storyline unfolds as you speak to more witnesses and discover more clues.

This is not a race with checkpoints in a set order, each team can choose to visit different parts of the course in their own order – navigation strategy plays as much a part as speed.

Will suit you if:

The Spy Race is thinking team’s race. Teams will spend an equal amount of time thinking and discussing the clues and evidence, planning the most efficient route between checkpoints and racing.

And the best bit? Finding the perfect spot for relaxing banter and comparing experiences after your race.

We have partnered with a number of local venues surrounding all our race courses & will happily help you plan your event & book your finish point.

The Amazing Spy Race is bought to you by Cloak & Dagger – with years of Murder Mystery experience.

Celebrating after winning the Amazing Spy Race

Event Type

Brilliant for Bonding, Plenty of Laughs, Outdoors

Group Size

10 – 50

Time Needed

2 – 2.5 hours (depending on group size)

Activity Level

Medium level