Well here we go again! Another lockdown in Sydney & Brisbane….and it sucks! Don’t fear – we are here to offer you the best Virtual Team Building activities to get you & your team through these times. 

We completely understand that these lockdowns, although necessary, effect so many companies & business across Australia (us included!). Again, employees are working from home, or not at all unfortunately & companies are being made to adapt to the new ‘normal’. 

However, there are numerous benefits to virtual team bonding & we also understand how important it is to keep your employees connected during these difficult times through virtual team building activities….and that’s where we come in! 

Team Bonding can offer you an interactive, fun & unique team building experience all from the comfort of your lounge with your zoom wear on. We are currently hosting a number of virtual team building activities, including trivia or games show (or a combination of the two), virtual survivor, virtual amazing races & many more at a discounted price….so if you are looking for something for your team to do safety through this lockdown don’t hesitate to get in touch with Team Bonding. 

Check out all our Virtual Fun & Games, Virtual Survivor, Virtual Yoga, or Virtual Amazing Race.