Christmas Celebrations


When is the appropriate month to put up Christmas Décor? It’s an age-old debate. Fanatics cheer ‘October!’, as whispers of Bublé’s Christmas album escape their headphones. More reasonable people may accept November, the most sensible people waiting for December; whilst the supermarkets will drop subtle Christmas hints just after Easter with the appearance of mince pies. And then, there are those who forget to put up the tree all together…

Whilst it might not be time to put up the tree, it is time to plan that Christmas party. When it comes to the office Christmas culture, it’s the same thing every year. Time that we break free from re-gifted secret Santa presents and stringy tinsel hanging haphazardly from the ceiling. Stuck for ideas? Here are 7unique Christmas parties you could throw in 2022:

1. Take it Outside

Aussie Christmas is all about summer. Nothing screams relaxed luxury like an alfresco dining experience. Imagine reclining on a perfect day as a beautiful picnic ensemble is laid out before you. Or, if you’re a group of wine-lovers, picture yourself embarking on a gorgeous winery tour and sipping your way through the afternoon.

2. High Competition

Bring a bit of banter and competition to the day with an Amazing Race event. Split into teams, dash around beautiful locations, complete challenges and beat your colleagues. How could it get better?! You could opt for the Kombie Race if you want something super different! Don’t fancy moving around? Trivia or game show events are just as competitive. We can even throw in extra points for the team with the best Christmas costumes…

3. Get Creative

You don’t need to go to the Christmas markets for a handmade gift this year. Have a Paint and Sip or a Clay and Sip event. You might surprise yourself with some stunning art. Or, you can always offload your work to the in-laws or the annoying cousin. Just don’t use your creation as secret-santa fodder – that’d be a real giveaway…

4. Opulence

End the year in pure style. Imagine Casino Royale vibes as you dress to the nines for an extravagant event. Think roving magicians, licensed bar, and delicious food. Sounds too good? Turn it into the nightmare before Christmas and add a Murder Mystery to make it a Christmas party to remember.

5. High adrenaline

Maybe you crave something more fast-paced. How about hyper-karting at Moore Park or speed boating across the Harbour. Sounds pretty good right?! For those who are looking for an extra Christmas spin, make it themed dress code. Just think about the impact a group of speedy Santas could have.

6. Real-Life Nativity

Maybe you’re looking for something extra special for your team – a truly unique experience. Bring that nativity set to life with a trip to a camel farm. Yep, that’s right! You could be spending Christmas lunch with some friendly camels.

7. Christmas for Community

Christmas fiend or not, everyone can agree that giving is a central part of Christmas. Support The Freedom Hub by completing an Amazing Race event with a difference — Compete to collect gifts to be donated to survivors of modern slavery in Australia.

Team Bonding can help you plan the perfect Christmas event that will quench the most enthusiastic Christmasser’s appetite and excite even your most grinch-like co-workers.