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At Team Bonding we help team managers strengthen bonds and build rapport to skyrocket productivity and enhance team spirit

Team Bonding was established in 2005 and we’ve grown every year since.

For each of the past 15 years we have run fun and memorable team events for up to 300 blue chip client teams. Many of whom come back to us over and over again.

The most successful teams have a common purpose, consistently excellent delivery, strong communication skills and a degree of mutual respect. But there is an X factor: Team spirit and interpersonal rapport which leads to cohesive, happy teams.

In diverse teams, cohesion can be built, and the best way is “sideways” – via enjoyable, collaborative team events.

We’ve worked with thousands of companies with great cultures over last 15 years. Things they have in common are strong interpersonal bonds and great rapport between their employees.

The managers who work with Team Bonding find that their people are happier and more productive working with team members they like and respect. People who enjoy spending time with colleagues stay in jobs longer and are more committed to positive outcomes.

Our results and testimonials show that there’s no better way to build rapport and positively influence team spirit than to dedicate time to fun and togetherness outside of the structures of the work environment. Time invested in team bonding pays long term dividends.

Team Bonding Principals

Enjoyment comes first

We choose the same kind of activities that would be enjoyable for a group of friends, so your team ends up with the chemistry of a friendship group.

No “rah rah” hype

Our events that fun happen naturally, there is no humiliation, pushing people well outside their comfort zones or hidden agendas at Team Bonding.

It’s all about team spirit

By taking part in a great shared experience your team creates memories, conversation, laughter and good times.

We offer amazing value

We offer competitive prices with no hidden expenses. We offer fully customised courses & events to suit your team. Every event is different & we work with you to design the most memorable event for your team.

We listen to your needs

We have experience with all types of team requirements, and will more than likely have an event to suit you. We do have events that suit people with disabilities. We are also happy to customise any event to suit your teams needs.

We make your job easy

We aspire to be the safe hands that you entrust with your event. We will help to organise every step of your event, including booking venues & food.

Meet with Karen:

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Karen Gurney


I have worked for some powerhouse women that have inspired me to work hard, play hard, think outside the box and never give up on your dreams and passions.

I am a super over organised person, that seems to be the one that all my friends and family come to, to organise the next event, and I secretly love that, I love to plan, I love to orgnaise an event with a difference (that people will always remember) and most of all I absolutely love to travel, be inspired and experience new things.

Why did I decide to take the plunge to take on this new venture in my life, because I want to make your event the next one that everyone remembers and talks about for years.