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There are sooooo many articles, blogs & posts out there about why its so important for corporations & organisations to do team building events & days (which are all very important & informative, don’t get me wrong), however I struggled to find anything about why WE love team bonding! 

Both myself & Karen come from corporate backgrounds & like most others our lives & careers took an unexpected turn during COVID times, we were lucky enough to have the amazing opportunity to purchase a team building company come our way & we jumped at it. We had both been subjected to numerous team building days over our time, which frankly can get a little stale. 

However we saw this as a perfect opportunity to change the way people think & feel about team building. Since taking over Team Bonding we have already made so many changes & created new activities & Amazing Race courses. 

So the question….why do WE love it? 

Well, put simply – we love seeing the look on the teams faces when they finish their Amazing Race or other Team Bonding event & they are so happy. We also get to see the forming of new friendships between team mates, or people getting to know someone from a completely different department. It’s so rewarding seeing people actually enjoying team building. 

See…Team Bonding really does benefit everyone….so help us help you & book your next team building day today….SEE OUR POPULAR ACTIVITIES